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Ka Da We Berlin

Foodie Heaven with Attitude

After travelling to Berlin on and off for the past 15 years I decided to record our ritual for every visit to Berlin. A visit to foodie Heaven, Ka Da We, (or Car dooVay as its known) I had never ventured in there with a camera so I was a little surprised when I was abused , with typical German hospitality, by one of the staff, for taking the photo's I am about to share with you.
All I was trying to do was show people how good this place is, and there are probably only 4 other places in the world I can think of that are as good as Ka Da We , one difference only , the others like publicity.
Great concept to be able wander round, select maybe a fish to be cooked a certain way, a selection of Oysters from Australia consumed with a Grand Cru from France , or a cheese platter of selected Blue cheeses from 5 different countries and a Sancerre.
I did as I was told and went to the 7th Floor to the marketing office only to be told I must submit via email a request to be allowed to take photo's.
I did that too, and guess what , I haven't received a response.
oh well when you are so busy you don't need exposure, why bother.
Will I go back, definitely, will I take photo's again, only if they are nice to me.
This place is too good too miss, just lose the attitude.

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Neue Heimat Berlin Street food Paradise

a NEW AGE Urban Berlin meeting place, street food at its best

a conversation with 2 delightful German girls at another market in Berlin, MarketHalle, let me the following day to Neue Heimat nearby to Warschauer Strasse train station on Revaller Str 99.
A little daunting maybe is the location, and a graffiti artists heaven, but this is the new trendy area of Berlin, in Friedrichshain
Neue Heimat started life as a flea market which has developed since last August into an incredible pop up market for food and wine attracting the hip and hip hop of Berlin and offering a feast of inviting foods from all parts of the world, served in former warehouses to the backing of some very cool music. Families, visitors to Berlin, and all ages mixed in this very buzzy scene.


by 4 pm on Sunday the place was buzzing, great music vibing from within the 2 main warehouses and as it was the first day of spring, (although there had been snow overnight) everyone was taking advantage of the mellow sunlight in the garden areas between the buildings.


the Sicilian food was to die for, no puns intended. But so was everything else, supported along the way with craft beers, wines from local makers, French cuisine, Spanish tapa's, and not a standard German meal in site .IMG_2507.jpg IMG_2496.jpgIMG_2521.jpgIMG_2505.jpgIMG_2495.jpgIMG_2502.jpgIMG_2501.jpgIMG_2493.jpgIMG_2489.jpg
Anyone wanting to find out what's happening with the new food movement in Europe should venture out of their comfort zone and check Neue Heimat out, this place is like a magnet to those in the know, no doubt pushed along by social media.
might be difficult to find after dark but the subway U is a breeze about 6 stops out from the Kurfustendahm. to Warschauer Strasse.

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